Plaza del Cordón, 2. Bajo Izquierda
28005, Madrid

Avalon was founded in 1996. The company has become one of the most innovative independent media groups in Spain. Its different business areas are mainly divided in the distribution company Avalon DA, which has become a major player in art-house cinema; and the production company Avalon PC, which co-produce regularly with Europe and Latin-America. Our films have competed in festivals such as Cannes, San Sebastián or Berlinale.

Member of
AVALON DA (Distribuidora Audiovisual)

Last productions

Year Production title Type
2019 Los días que vendrán Film
2018 Apuntes para una película de atracos Film
2017 Verano 1993 Film
2016 Amar Film
2016 María (y los demás) Film
2014 Todos están muertos Film
2012 Mapa Film