Calle San German, 55
28020, Madrid

El Cuarto Mono serves from scratch and develops an accurate production design pending the individual needs of each project. WE CREATE, PRODUCE AND COLLABORATE WITH ARTISTS AND PROFESSIONALS AROUND THE WORLD. Our core business is the creation of powerful assets for all common platforms in connecting the skills of design, film production and technical knowledge.Founded in the Year of the Monkey 2016, El Cuarto Mono is born in Spain from professionals who bet on creativity and passion to produce impacting content. Mandarin is the international division of El Cuarto Mono, giving local support to our foreign clients through the last two decades in Spain, Portugal, Czech Rep. & Latin America.

Last productions

Year Production title Type
2018 "A new hope" Cliente AXA Publicity
2018 "2 Series Coupé" Cliente BMW Publicity
2018 "Go all the way" Cliente Benzina Publicity