Calle Callejo 46, local
28053, Madrid

We design, edit and mix every audio files for broadcast, cinema, video games, commercials, documentary films, etc. Only work with audio, with mor than 20 years mixing tv series and films like, Peridistas, Compañeros, Policias, Vicente Ferrer (la pelicula), commercials for TVE, Telemadrid, etc, and now, since ep 1, mixing the most famous tv serie, Cuéntame cómo Pasó and Ochéntame.

Last productions

Year Production title Type
2019 Cuentame como paso (hasta la actualidad) Series
2014 Film
2015 Ochentame otra vez (hasta la actualidad) Documentary
2018 Fugitiva Series
2019 La tierra llamando a Ana Shortfilm