MERIDIONAL PRODUCCIONES is a Madrid based independent film and theatrical production company founded in 1992. "Calima". TV series. In preparation. Recordings planned for 2020 - 2021 "La puerta abierta". Fiction feature film. Co-production of Meridional Productions, Chester Media Productions, Stop & Play Europe, Babilonia Films, MilCiclos with the collaboration of Telemadrid. Premiere in theaters in Spain on September 2, 2016. 2 Nominations to the Goya Awards and more than 30 awards in national and international festivals. "La boda". Fiction short film. Nominated in the XXVII edition of the Goya Awards (2013) in the Best Short Fiction Category. First Prize at the Elche Film Festival, Telemadrid Prize and First Prize at the Iberian Film Festival of Badajoz.More than 120 awards in National and International Festivals. 2012 "Madres, 0'15 el minuto". Documentary film. Biznaga de Plata "Affirming the Rights of Women" in the 14th edition of the Malaga Film Festival, Golden Remí Award at the Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival and the Prix International Documentaire et du Reportage Mediterraneen. 2011. "El cortejo". Fiction short film. Selected in the XXV (2011) edition of Los Goya. First Prize at the Toronto Hispano-Film Festival, Golden Beggar Award-International Festival of Local Televisions and First Prize at the Everett Women's Film Festival. More than 160 awards in National and International Festivals. 2010. "L ́Ultima opportunittà". Fiction short film. Best Screenplay and Best Short Film Festival of Ciudad Real. 2009 In theatre it has produced more than 45 plays, numerously awarded around the world and shown in 25 countries.

Member of
AMA (Asociación Madrileña Audiovisual)

Last productions

Year Production title Type
2020 Calima Series
2016 La puerta abierta Film
2013 La boda Shortfilm
2011 Madres, 0'15 el minuto Documentary