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28006, Madrid

Based in Spain, Sweden and Colombia, is a creative production company, specialized in feature film, series for digital platforms and television, documentaries, commercials and music videos. We offer the creation, production and completion of any kind of project, we get involved from development and pre-production to post-production. «In short, from script to the final product ready to be released». Since its foundation in 2008, Minded Factory has completed numerous film and advertising productions around the world, collaborating with leading production companies, agencies, brands and artists across the audiovisual market. Our vanguard team includes, Directors and Cinematographers of different nationalities, that apply their unique vision in every project, for what they have also gained fame and recognition in the industry. Our team also includes executive producers, creative producers, line producers, art- and creative directors, as well as writers, editors, colorists, 3D, FX, Vfx, 360° film-makers, photographers, programmers, designers and specialists in global markets. «Our passion is for great ideas, beautifully executed, that engage audiences irrespective of platform, device or venue».

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Last productions

Year Production title Type
2018 Limbo Shortfilm
2019 In Our Blood - Marc Márquez Documentary
2019 Juanes - Querer Mejor ft. Alessia Cara Videoclip
2018 Belok Kanan Barcelona Film
2019 Pinto "Wahin" - Salta la Comba ft. Lali Videoclip
2019 DAZN Publicity
2017 One Fine Day Film