Calle Duque de Fernán Nuñez, 2
28012, Madrid

Veni is the first audiovisual Smart Cost production company. We provide a fast, efficient, economic, transparent and quality audiovisual service for all types of communication actions. We film, edit and post produce quickly and efficiently, at low cost. We generate high quality audiovisual content in its finishes, color and photography; for all types of media and communication supports.

Last productions

Year Production title Type
2019 Reel Veni 2019 Corporative Video
2019 Adidas - River Plate Publicity
2018 Bacan Publicity
2018 Distrito Castellana Norte Publicity
2019 Caixa Bank - Family Futbol Publicity
2018 Nars - Climax - Naty Peluso Publicity
2019 Kaiku Begetal Publicity
2017 Osborne - Pasión Publicity
2015 CBRE Animation
2018 Ecoembes - Reciclaje Animation