Campo de Béisbol La Elipa

La Elipa Baseball Field

Baseball stadium.

The baseball field at La Elipa Municipal Sports Centre opened in spring 2021 following renovation works which improved the ground surface and drainage of the facility, which dates back to 1963, and adapted it to meet current accessibility requirements.

It’s the only baseball facility in the city, with a surface area of more than 14,000 square metres and a capacity for up to 2,000 people. The refurbishment also added a new building to the premises, which is used as a café.

Updated: 21/02/2023

Useful information


Junta Municipal de Distrito de Moratalaz
Departamento/Unidad de deportes
+34 915 884 994


Acceso Parque de la Elipa, 3
28030 Madrid

Distrito: 15 Ciudad Lineal

Images: Madrid Film Office


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