Cold Stove in Juan Carlos I Park

A greenhouse in one of the city’s major green areas.

The Cold Stove in Juan Carlos I Park is a greenhouse located in the centre of the park of the same name. A greenhouse formed by a semi-enclosed structure that takes advantage of passive heating systems to create an interior microclimate.

Occupying a surface area of 4,000 metres, standing 12 metres high and with a rectangular base, the building is a mixture between brutalism and modernist architecture whose primary building materials were concrete and glass.

Inside there are two differentiated spaces; on the one hand, the exhibition area (1,500 square metres) and on the other, the botanical path which is divided into 12 zones containing a botanical collection of 220 species and varieties of exotic plants. The most outstanding areas are:

  • The Japanese Garden, which occupies an interior patio and features all the elements of the Zen-Buddhist tradition such as ponds, blocks of stone, gravel and wood in the form of padding.
  • The pond in the complex contains species of aquatic plants.
  • The area around the riverside forest is typically representative of rivers of this biotype.
  • The area reserved for the bamboos arranged in individual flower boxes.
  • The plantation of climbers, which are intended to cover parts of the walls and columns of the enclosure.

Updated: 23/04/2019

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