Espacio OUT

Espacio OUT, the firm behind Ephimera, has been occupying this former glass factory restored with respect for the original a space more than 100 years old that has been used for different purposes and by different people.
It is a 360 m2 space consisting of a large hall and 3 auxiliary rooms.
It is located a few metres from the Glorieta de Bilbao, on the corner of Fuencarral street. An old skylight and a series of original wooden windows give natural light to natural light to all the rooms.
Its 10m long façade makes it perfect place for filming.


Updated: 03/11/2022

Useful information

Conditions and availability

1.800€ Part-time
2.500€ Full time
3.000€ Extended working day

Permit procedure

They have defined rates for filming.
You wish to use a form provided by Madrid Film Office.
They have a form for filming requests.
Estimated application processing time: 2 hours.

Features and facilities

Electric hook-up.
Loading and unloading during restricted hours.
Possibility of access with vehicles.
Premises with shop window at street level. Three-phase socket. Natural light.

Auxiliary spaces available

Production offices.
Dressing rooms (wardrobe / make-up).
Catering area.
Storage area.



(+34) 91 266 97 32/

Calle Sandoval 3 local, 28010 Madrid


Distrito: 07 Chamberí


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