Fundacion Diario Madrid

Historic, modernist building, closely linked to journalism.

The Diario Madrid foundation is a private institute that focuses on cultural promotion in the field of journalism and communication, inheriting its spirit from the old Diario Madrid newspaper.

It is located in a building known as Edificio de Larra, a historic, modernist-style building from the beginning of the 20th century, which has a recognised journalistic tradition and was once home to other newspapers including La Voz, El Sol, Arriba and Marca.

The floor plan is trapezoidal and of note are the ceramic-tiled patio, the balconies and arches on the main facade and two floors that are set back from the street. The ground floor has a central area with a beautiful stained glass ceiling, surrounded by large pillars.

Several areas are available for filming, including the classical-style entrance hall, the boardroom with its incredible stained glass, an old lift, and the terrace.

Updated: 28/07/2020

Useful information

Conditions and availability

Horario flexibles condicionados a usos habituales (muy reducidos).
Posibilidad de rodaje nocturno y fines de semana con costes suplementarios.
Las tarifas se adecuan a cada proyecto (tarifas reducidas para rodajes de valor cultural).

Features and facilities

Dificultad de acceso con vehículos (calle estrecha sin vado propio).
Cuentan con dos plazas de parking para vehículos pequeños.
Suministros disponibles: Luz eléctrica.
Disponen de espacios extra para producción.
Apto para sonido directo.

Auxiliary spaces available

Despacho dirección – Sala de Juntas – Sala estudio – Ascensor antiguo – Terraza – Hall entrada clásica – Hall entrada vidrieras – Aula magna – Patio Inglés – Fachada



Antonio Campuzano (Director)
+34 647 763 472

Calle Larra 14,
28004 Madrid

Distrito: 01 Centro

Images: Fundación Diario Madrid / City of Madrid Film Office


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