La Colmada

Half shop, half bar, La Colmada tries to recover the concept of the old neighborhood grocery stores.
La Colmada is a gastro-space with a showcase full of products like the old grocery stores, with shelves full of cans and a large wine cellar.
It is a large space divided into three rooms differentiated by color. The first, blue in color, contains all the products from the sea and a large wine cellar. It also has large windows that can be opened onto the street.
The second space, in green, presents an open kitchen.
At the back, we find a large more underground room, with gray walls, lampposts, and posters of La Colmada that will make this space a more modern place and ideal for events.
La Colmada is a traditional grocery store but also a modern space where color and products are the protagonists.

Updated: 19/06/2022

Useful information

Conditions and availability

Rates according to project and required availability.

Permit procedure

La Colmada wants to use a form provided by the Film Office.
Estimated time to process the request: 7 days.

Features and facilities

Electric hitch.
Loading and unloading in restricted hours.
Possibility of access with vehicles.

Auxiliary spaces available

Area where to install a catering.
Storage area.


Previous filmings

En La Colmada se han realizado múltiples entrevistas y reportajes para prensa escrita y otros medios como TVE y TeleMadrid. También anuncios de publicidad de diferentes marcas, como por ejemplo Mahou.
Asimismo, se han llevado a cabo las fotos de promoción de la segunda temporada de la serie ‘Valeria’ para Netflix.


Lucía Fernández

Calle Espíritu Santo, nº19
28004 Madrid

Distrito: 01 Centro


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