Las Cruces Park

An extensive park in the south of the city with a pond and auditorium.

Las Cruces Park is a green landscaped area occupying almost 49 hectares, located between the Latina and Carabanchel districts. It contains several tree species such as pines, cedars, cypresses, maples, poplars and Mediterranean hackberries as well as bushes, rose trees and broad meadows.

Its facilities include a spacious open-air auditorium that can seat 3,000 spectators. It contains cobblestoned paths and other dirt tracks along which we can find kiosks selling drinks, sports courts, a football pitch, children’s playgrounds, and an outdoor fitness area.

A narrow estuary that runs through an area of the park flows into a large pond just opposite the auditorium. On the edge of the park, beside Avenida de Los Poblados, we also find a sports facility called the Las Cruces Municipal Sports Centre, which has a sports pavilion and fields for different specialities.

Updated: 11/04/2019

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