Madame Butterfly

Oriental inspiration in a fusion restaurant in Chamberí

Oriental inspiration in a fusion restaurant in Chamberí.

In the heart of the Chamberí neighbourhood, just metres from the Bilbao Roundabout and next to the Palafox Luxury cinema, the restaurant Madame Butterfly invites the world to walk through its doors. It’s a tempting slice of the seductiveness of French Indochina and the exoticism of 1940s Japan; a window to the past that blends the colonial with the exotic and the declining with the chic.

The interior is divided into various spaces. At the entrance there’s a beautiful “Indochine Parlour” with large windows that face the street and fill the room with natural light. The plants, wallpaper, patterned fabrics and lamps provide exotic touches, while the natural wooden floor, velvet seats and marble tables highlight the French influence.

The restaurant’s two dining rooms are connected by the bar area and the small Mestizo Room, which has a marble fireplace. At the back of the establishment is Club Clandestino, Madame Butterfly’s “back room”. It has an edgier, more clandestine atmosphere where you can shake off your inhibitions and let your wild side loose. Red and black, tassels, exposed brick and neon lights transform the space into the perfect place to stretch out the night under the watchful gaze of Madame Butterfly. The establishment also has outdoor seating: a little oasis right in Calle Luchana.

Updated: 21/02/2023

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Almudena de Toledo

Calle Luchana, 13
28010 Madrid

Distrito: 07 Chamberí

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