Maqueta Avión A340

A340 Model Aircraft

A340 full size mock-up, offering business and economy section.

Updated: 26/09/2022

Useful information

Conditions and availability

Please send an email to with the following details:

– Name of production company
– Name of the project
– Shooting dates
– Special requirements

We will contact you as soon as possible.

Permit procedure

They have defined rates for filming.
Estimated application processing time: approx. 48 hours.

Features and facilities

Possibility of access with vehicles.
Own parking area.

Auxiliary spaces available

Production offices.
Dressing rooms (wardrobe / make-up).
Catering area.
Storage area.
We have classrooms that can be used as dressing rooms, wardrobe, hairdresser’s, actor’s rest, etc.



91 748 11 60

Carretera de la Muñoza, s/n

Edificio 229 Simuladores

28042 Madrid

Distrito: 21 Barajas


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