Puente monumental Parque de Arganzuela

Monumental bridge Parque de Arganzuela

An architectural icon of Madrid Río Park that offers panoramic views

The Monumental Bridge of Arganzuela is a large pedestrian footbridge in Madrid Río Park that runs along both banks of the Manzanares River as it passes through the city. Inaugurated in 2011 and the work of the prestigious French architect Dominique Perrault, it joins the districts of Arganzuela and Carabanchel and is some 250 metres long.

The design of this modern bridge consists of a double metal spiral in the shape of a corkscrew with two arms, covered by a metallic mesh that shines during the day and is illuminated at night by lanterns shaped like birds and butterflies. Its interior, with wooden floors, has benches to rest on. The bicycle path that runs through the entire park crosses over the bridge.

The metal mesh transforms the walkway depending on the time of day: what in the morning is a shaded walkway becomes a luminescent object at night. The double spiral meets at the top of a hill, creating a lookout point over the park and the surrounding city area as well as an exceptional viewpoint over the Toledo Bridge.

Updated: 31/08/2022

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