Parque Navamures

Navamures Park

A green area south of the city with unique elements

Navamures Park is a green area in the Villa de Vallecas district, located between Calle Navamures and Puerto de Porzuna. It is a landscaped park with a playground, and it has many unique and curious elements, such as the Las Cataratas fountain, in the shape of a waterfall, or the skate park.

Nearby is the Villa de Vallecas Radio Control Circuit, managed by an association. This is one of the few permanent facilities for this hobby in the Community of Madrid, an earthen track for remotely controlled scale vehicles, spanning more than 1,764 square metres.

As you leave the park there is a monument on a nearby roundabout that is a replica of a giant Olmec head, donated by the Mexican State of Veracruz. This reproduction weighs 5 tons and stands 2.18 metres high.

Updated: 01/09/2022

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