Parque Cuña Verde O´Donnell

A park on the outskirts of the city with panoramic views of the Madrid skyline

The Cuña Verde O’Donnell Park is located on land to the south and east of the La Almudena Cemetery, between the Moratalaz and Ciudad Lineal districts. It currently occupies just over 101 acres, but that will grow during the course of next year thanks to the future works of the final phase. It owes its distribution and name to a system of green areas based on auctioned-off forest areas and wedges of land that penetrate and connect free non-urbanised spaces and the urban parks.

Also known as the Cuña Verde de Moratalaz, it has sports facilities, common areas and playgrounds which give it its structure: it also has an auditorium. The woodland and shrubbery are arranged in a more natural order, with a total of 11,802 trees, predominantly pine and oak, and 33,000 square metres of bushes.

The Cuña Verde (Green Wedge) is noteworthy because of its viewpoint which was built to take advantage of the lay of the land; from there, one can enjoy an extraordinary view of Madrid, a panorama of its skyscrapers, with the characteristic Pirulí communications tower and La Almudena Cemetery in the foreground.

In its fifth and last phase of consolidation, it will be landscaped and there will be a fairground for the district and three cycling tracks, spaces for sports and coexistence as the main use of this place for encounters and nature.

Updated: 06/09/2020

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