Parque Dehesa Boyal

Dehesa Boyal Park

A park with a pine grove and lake in the south of the city.

Dehesa Boyal Park is a green area in Villaverde located between Avenida de Andalucía, the district’s main thoroughfare, and the rail tracks that run through this southern part of the city.

The park occupies 12,700 square metres and has two clearly distinct areas. The first, made up of grassy meadows and shrub beds, features a web of walks and paths and is set around a lake.

The second consists of a forest of Aleppo and pinyon pines. You’ll have no trouble spotting the population of squirrels that have made it their home. In other parts of the park, you’ll find little plant nurseries and areas for children, and Raúl González Municipal Sports Centre is located nearby.

Updated: 21/02/2023

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