Pradolongo Park

A large park in the south of the city with a lake and botanical garden.

Located in the district of Usera, Pradolongo Park is one of the city’s most environmentally valuable green areas both for its morphology and its variety of uses, and for its size – almost 60 hectares.

The park is laid out around three major axes that converge on a central area where there is a gazebo, an auditorium and a large three-hectare lake.

It contains a botanical garden that occupies one hectare of land. The different botanical families are represented here in geometric parterres. There is also an ecological trail of more than three kilometres, sports areas, children’s playgrounds and zones for the elderly.

This space allows for different leisure options for citizens of all ages: hiking, jogging; ice skating; cycling (along a circuit and on a bike path); bird watching; canoeing; use of remote-controlled devices at the lake; and a strip where people can play a traditional game known as “Calva”.

The flora includes such outstanding tree species as the Siberian elm, the ashleaf maple and lines of lime trees, pines, poplars and field elms. With regard to the shrubs in the park, the most common are rosebushes, pyracantha, oleanders, dogwood and abelia. With regard to the fauna that inhabits the park, such waterfowl as mallards and black-headed gulls often touch down on the water surface.

Updated: 12/04/2019

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