Museo de Cera

Wax Museum

A museum that reproduces figures of different celebrities and historical periods

The Wax Museum is located in Paseo de Recoletos, near the Plaza de Colón. Inaugurated in 1972, it is much more than just an exhibition of figures, because it also recreates atmospheres, a combination of spaces and sounds, and it’s also a way of learning about a part of history through its 40 rooms and the more than 450 figures they contain, which represent public personalities from all periods of time and from all disciplines and professions.

Among them we will find famous sportspeople, politicians, celebrities and such historical characters as Cleopatra, Napoleon, and kings from the Hapsburg and Bourbon dynasties. The museum has taken special care to reflect the world of children with the presence of The Simpsons, Harry Potter, Mort & Phil, and Snow White, not to mention several characters from The Lord of the Rings. One of the most popular galleries is the Crime gallery and the room of horrors which houses such famous and bloody characters as Count Dracula, the Mummy or Freddy Kruger.

The museum also has three attractions: the Simulator consisting of frozen tunnels, the centre of the Earth, space – all at breakneck speed – the Horror Train, which takes us from Jurassic Park to the Galactic Tavern, not to mention famous murders and other surprises; and finally, Multivision, which offers a fascinating vision of the History of Spain with 27 projectors and a 6-channel sound system.

Updated: 07/09/2022

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