Casa Patas

Casa Patas is an original tavern, restaurant and “tablao flamenco” (a venue for flamenco music), in the centre of Madrid. Erected in the mid-19th century, this neo-Classical building has a surface area of 1,400 square meters.

It has four main areas. Two spacious rooms, one of which is the Restaurant, the other the “Tablao”, in addition to the Café Chantant, with its Andalusian-style patio, and the García Lorca Room.

It also has rehearsal rooms and its upper floors are the headquarters of the “Casa Patas” Flamenco Conservatory and Foundation.

Updated: 11/05/2023

Useful information

Conditions and availability

Horarios flexibles condicionados a usos habituales.
Posibilidad de rodaje nocturno y fines de semana con costes suplementarios.
Las tarifas se adecuan a cada proyecto.

Permit procedure

Estimated time needed to process the application: 2 days.

Features and facilities

Difficult access for vehicles: residential area.
Available supplies: Electric light.
Extra spaces are available for production.
Suitable for direct sound.
Catering available.


Previous filmings

The limits of control (2009), largometraje dirigido por Jim Jarmusch, cineasta independiente norteamericano autor de otras películas como Coffee and Cigarrettes (2003) o Broken Flowers (2005).

Habitualmente se ruedan entrevistas, promociones, programas de televisión, presentaciones de discos, de libros, películas, festivales… algunos ejemplos:

Camarón. Flamenco y Revolución (junio 2018)

Programa Ochéntame otra vez : Flamenco Revolution (mayo 2015), RTVE

Programa Ochéntame otra vez: Más flamenco (marzo 2016), RTVE



Martín Guerrero Gómez (Director General) 
+34 629 666 366

Begoña Fernández (Directora Fundación Casa Patas)
+34 914 298 471

Calle de los Cañizares 10,
28012 Madrid

Distrito: 01 Centro

Images: Casa Patas


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