Cineteca  is a space dedicated to the cinema industry within the Matadero Madrid contemporary creation centre. A centre for the cinematographic arts that has two avant-garde projection rooms with a markedly futuristic style.

Its spaces are noteworthy for their brick walls, reinforced concrete and the artificial LED lighting. The main decorative elements are the baskets that have been woven with water hoses into a luminescent element that lights the ceilings of the rooms and the archive.

An avant-garde space that plays with the usual back lighting and contrasts of films, structured into five different areas:

  • Sala Azcona, an original projection space that has become one of the city’s leading cinemas, with seating for 224.
  • Sala Borau, a smaller and more intimate cinema theatre, just 70 square metres and able to seat 65 people.
  • Sala Plató, a multi-purpose space that can act as a cinema theatre or a filming set. It occupies 244 square metres and is over 6 metres in height.
  • La Cantina, a restored café with its own entrance and another 300 square metres in the open air in what is the pleasant Patio de la Cantina.
  • The Foyer, an open-plan space occupying more than 150 square metres and five metres in height, with natural light.

Updated: 02/06/2021


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