Fox in a Box

A total of 500m2 divided into six themed rooms decorated with different scenarios, perfect for filming and photo sessions, as well as for events that require special decorations.

Available rooms:
2 60’s style houses
2 Garages
2 jails
1 office
1 vault
1 Western Saloon

Assistance and technical staff
Cleaning services included
Rest areas

Updated: 29/03/2022

Useful information

Conditions and availability

Check conditions, availability and rates with our team.

We always try to offer all kinds of facilities to carry out shootings in our facilities.

Permit procedure

They have defined rates for filming.
You wish to use a form provided by Madrid Film Office.
Estimated time to process the request: 24 hours.

Features and facilities

Electrical hitch

Auxiliary spaces available

Production offices.
Dressing rooms (wardrobe / makeup).
Catering area.
Storage area.


Previous filmings

‘Señor dame paciencia’ (capítulo 7) – A3media
‘Historias para no dormir’ (Temporada 2) – Prointel TV
‘Quiero Volver’ – Dante
‘Tarántula’ – Ariel Rec


Manuel Rojo.

Teléfono 644 713 148

C/ Áncora, nº 12.

Madrid 28045

Distrito: 02 Arganzuela


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