Jardines del Templo de Debod

Gardens, crowned by the Egyptian temple, that offer spectacular views at sunset

The gardens of the Temple of Debod were designed around the temple, donated by Egypt to Spain in 1968.

With an east to west orientation and two simple pools of water, it has two groups of exemplary cypresses, in the form of large reception columns. The gardens are divided into two areas, left and right, with wide side paths that lead to a balcony.

From there, the famous Manzanares’ cornice (the ledge overlooking the river) can be contemplated together with the Royal Palace, Casa de Campo Park and the most beautiful sunsets in all Madrid.

Updated: 05/03/2019

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Calle Ferraz, 1

Distrito: 09 Moncloa-Aravaca

Images: Madrid-Destino y City of Madrid Film Office


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