Nave María

The Nave María project emerged from the insides of two industrial warehouses built in the 1960s in the district of Tetuán. A space that preserves its authenticity as an old carpentry workshop is structured under the two fundamental concepts of light and décor, with a special interest in fine cuisine.

It has a capacity of 180 people, a height of five and a half meters at the trusses (7.30 meters maximum height), a concrete floor and a small hammam of heated salt water. It features a dressing room and three bathrooms at the entrance, and a small patio with a greenhouse on the west façade. All this in an area of some five hundred square meters with free entry for vehicles.

The patio has a small greenhouse, an urban micro-garden whose leading players – shoots, sprouts and aromatic and edible flowers – are just some of the essential ingredients of Nave María’s culinary offerings.

A project aimed mainly at the corporate world where cultural activities, training workshops, meetings, events, presentations, photographic and audiovisual productions and other artistic and culinary events can be held. In total, more than 800 square meters next to the Nave Marieta with different ambiances and styles and a wide catalogue of props and backgrounds.

Updated: 11/05/2023

Useful information

Conditions and availability

Horario: de 8 a 21 horas (estudiamos otras opciones)
Cuentan con tarifas definidas para rodajes.
Producciones fotográficas, publicitarias y rodajes.


Permit procedure

Tiempo estimado de gestión de la solicitud: 1 día.

Features and facilities

Posibilidad de acceso con vehículos.
Carga y descarga en horario restringido.
Enganche eléctrico.
Zona de almacenamiento.
Camerinos (vestuario / maquillaje).
Oficinas de producción.

Posibilidad de contratación junto con Nave Marieta.
Accesible para personas con movilidad reducida.
Patio exterior.
Luz natural.
Sonido regulado por Ordenanza Municipal de Ruidos.
Reducimos y neutralizamos las emisiones de CO2 y expedimos un certificado de compensación de toda actividad que se lleve a cabo en Nave María.



Carlota Ramírez
+34 682 818 742

Travesía de Bellver 2, Nave Dcha
28039 Madrid

Distrito: 06 Tetuán

Images: Nave María


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