Palacio de Fernán Nuñez

An emblematic building of Romanticism in the heart of the capital

The Palace of Fernán Núñez is located right in the centre of the capital next to the Reina Sofía National Museum and Art Centre. This is one of the best-preserved nineteenth-century neoclassical palaces in Madrid. Linked to the ducal house of Fernán Núñez, it was built in 1848 and is currently owned by ADIF (Spain’s Railway Infrastructure Administrator) and serves as headquarters of the Spanish Railways Foundation.

The palace became one of the most emblematic buildings of Madrid’s Romantic movement and its veritable social centre, where gatherings, literary contests, festivities and court dances were held. It has been kept in a good state of repair, which has preserved the splendour of its original halls with their elegant and exquisite atmosphere. Its exterior simplicity with a neoclassical façade that stands out for the symmetry in the recesses, pilasters and balconies, contrasts with the baroque style and the sumptuousness of the ballroom, the different halls and offices which feature a rich array of decorative pieces, frescoes, sculptures, stuccoes, silks, tapestries, marquetry and glasswork.

The great variety of rooms that it contains allows it to adapt perfectly to different needs.  Among the most noteworthy rooms are the Ballroom, which is reminiscent of the Gallery of Mirrors in Versailles, the Reception Courtyard with an imposing main staircase, the Elizabethan Room and the Romantic-style Main Dining Room. Outside, we should mention the marble terrace and garden, designed by Parisian architects and landscapers, presided over by a majestic magnolia flanked by laurels and camellias.

Updated: 11/05/2023

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