Parque Cerro Almodóvar

A green area with a renovated auditorium in the southeast of the Spanish capital.

Cerro Almodóvar Park is a green space in the neighbourhood of Aluche with an area of 173,477 square metres which is located between the streets Calle Duquesa de Parcent, Calle José Maruelo, Calle Marcelino Castillo and Calle Los Yébenes.

The park is quite heavily wooded, with over 110,000 trees, mainly Siberian elms, pinyon pines, poplars from Canada and maple trees, as well as bushes like rose mallow and thuja and over 6,848 square metres of shrub beds that include species like cotoneaster, spiraea and forsythia.

Notable park features include the open-air auditorium run by the Latina District Council. Shaped like an amphitheatre, it was recently renovated and hosts events from the district’s cultural programme and Veranos de la Villa festival.

Updated: 19/07/2021

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Calle Marcelino Castillo, 29
28047 Madrid

Distrito: 10 Latina

Images: Ciudad de Madrid Film Office / Javier Bravo


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