Parque Cuña Verde de Vicálvaro

La Cuña Verde de Vicálvaro is a suburban park that tends towards a forest, located in the neighbourhood of Ambroz. It’s divided into various areas. Zones A and B are within the district, serving as the transition between the homes of Vicálvaro and the M-40 and R-3 motorways.

Zone A has large areas for dogs, sports courts, a skate park, children’s areas and a garden for blind people with numerous aromatic shrubs that are labelled in Braille.

Zone B of the park has expansive meadows, landscaped and wooded areas, a rose garden, an aromatic plant garden, natural grassland and a shallow water feature. The park also boasts several sports areas, in addition to a shallow amphitheatre. A path for cyclists and pedestrians runs through it, connecting Canillejas and Vicálvaro by means of bridges across roads.

Updated: 05/09/2021

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Avenida de Canillejas a Vicálvaro, 102
28032 Madrid


Distrito: 19 Vicálvaro

Images: Ciudad de Madrid Film Madrid / Javier Bravo


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