Parque de Villa Rosa-Paco Caño

A unique neighbourhood park with decorative features.

Villa Rosa-Paco Caño Park is located in the neighbourhood of Canillas and has an area of 5 hectares. It’s Hortaleza’s most representative park, inaugurated by Enrique Tierno Galván in July 1983, and “Paco Caño” was included in its official name as a tribute to the district’s historic community leader.

Villa Rosa-Paco Caño Park has several singular features, including a particularly impressive artificial river that runs lengthwise through the park and can be crossed by nine bridges. It begins at the horizontal sundial made of artificial stone with a steel gnomon, and ends at the dovecote. Another of the park’s singular elements is the demolished house, whose ruins are an allegory for a bombed building. Very close by there’s a pavilion which offers a tribute to peace and tranquillity. The park also has an old dovecote that’s purely decorative, as it is no longer accessible.

In 2016, the first inclusive circuit in the Community of Madrid opened, with paths that are signed and adapted for people with different abilities. It has two circular routes that are 4 and 5.37 kilometres long, respectively. They begin in the park parallel to Calle Aconcagua, pass through this green area and continue alongside the cycling Green Ring. The routes are signed and adapted for people in wheelchairs and people with hearing, visual, intellectual and mobility impairments. Additional features include a small olive grove, areas for children and a sports court next to the facilities of Luis Aragonés Municipal Sports Centre.

Updated: 13/04/2021

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