Parque Forestal Fuente Carrantona

A woodland park that exemplifies the recovery of degraded areas.

Fuente Carrantona Forest Park was created in an old degraded part of the Horcajo neighbourhood bordering the M-40 and R-3 motorways. Its recovery was achieved by replanting species of large trees and bushes which, due to major building works carried out in recent years in the city of Madrid, had to be moved from their original locations.

The forest park, which has an area of 22.57 hectares, is near  La Cuña Verde de O´Donnell Park and is home to 2,500 trees, primarily pine, elm and hackberry. The layout features expansive areas of groves and bushes connected by dirt paths. Its functional design includes areas for rest and recreation in the nearby, urbanised street Calle de la Ciudad Encantada.

Updated: 14/02/2021

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Calle Fuente Carrantona, 38
28030 Madrid

Distrito: 14 Moratalaz

Images: Ciudad de Madrid Film Office / Javier Bravo


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