Parque Juan Pablo II

Mediterranean gardens in a green space in the northeast of the city.

Juan Pablo II is an urban park in the neighbourhood of Piovera in northeast Madrid. It was created in honour of Pope John Paul II’s visit to the city, which is commemorated with a monolith. The park opened in 2007 and its first two phases, the rest and recreational area and the themed area, occupy 10 hectares in total.

In terms of design, the rest and recreational area, called the Sun and Water Garden, is set around the Sundial Square (4 metres tall), which serves as a centre point and hub that features canals, planted vegetation and paths. It harbours a combination of traditional Mediterranean species, such as olive trees, vineyards and fruit trees, and others that are typical of modern landscaping.

The themed area, called the Mediterranean Gardens, represents the historic evolution of Mediterranean gardening. In it, you’ll find the Middle Eastern Garden, the Medieval Garden, the Arab Garden, the Palm Grove and Paradise. The element of water has a presence throughout, in an artificial river, watercourses and ponds.

The third phase of the park is the sports area, roughly 3 hectares in size, which has a particularly notable professional rugby pitch with artificial turf and 2 padel courts, in addition to a decorative shallow water feature and landscaped areas.

Updated: 12/03/2021

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