Parque Soto de Entrevías

A green area with a botanical trail and panoramic views of the south of the city

The Soto de Entrevías Park is a green area which is part of the so-called Entrevías Forest Park, the green ring bordering the M-40 ring road, the A-4 motorway to Andalusia, and the train tracks that run from Atocha Train Station.

A green area of 33,000 square meters that serves as an educational park with a botanical trail, a couple of lagoons and a rock garden. A tour has been marked out through different thematic areas that run through an arboretum with unique species and different types of vegetation from the mountains of Madrid.

The park offers panoramic views of the south of the city and the garages of the Municipal Transport Company (EMT) can also be seen. It is currently undergoing a comprehensive rehabilitation process to recover the tracks and lagoons and to improve access. Work began in October, and until it is completed the park will remain closed for security reasons.

Updated: 15/03/2019

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