Photoalquimia Studio

A light-filled art studio in Polígono ISO creative hub.

Photoalquimia Studio is a studio for artistic production, photography and product design housed in a 1960s industrial building in the area of Carabanchel known as Polígono ISO. The studio has 15 years’ experience in the design and production of spaces for interpreting and reconnecting with nature, permanent and travelling exhibitions, events, art installations, ecodesign and photography.

The studio has an open-plan layout and an area of roughly 180 square metres, divided into various work areas. It has a kitchen with a bar and stools, two lavatories, a viewing area with a video projector and an in-ceiling motorised screen, an area with a photography studio, another area with a large table devoted to artistic production, design and prototyping, and an office space.

The facilities also include a small storage area and a 40-square-metre outdoor space with plants and trees.

Updated: 11/05/2023

Useful information

Conditions and availability

Rate to be agreed depending on the conditions of the shoot.
The space must be used with the existing furniture and decoration.
Slight modifications may be made. All furniture has wheels.
The space must be left as it was before the filming itself, as well as the actions before and after the filming.

To this end, the company responsible will be responsible for compliance with the following conditions:

– Cleaning of all spaces used, both within the filming area and in the areas whose use is agreed, such as bathrooms and access areas to the filming area.
– Insurance with repair or replacement cover in the event of breakage or damage to the installations and the structural and decorative elements used.

Features and facilities

The space has an electrical power of 15KW.


Previous filmings

– Video Clip La cosa solo puede mejorar , Alex O´Dogherty y La Bizarreria (2018)

– Entrevistas Documental Mi adorado Monster de Victor Matellano (2021)


Carlos Jiménez Pérez

Avda. de Pedro Diez, 21 BIS 3º
28019 Madrid

Distrito: 11 Carabanchel

Images: Ciudad de Madrid Film Office / Javier Bravo


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