Since 1989, Siroco continues, after its total reform, with its founding members at the head of the project, plus a team of people passionate about music with the aim of continuing to improve day by day the offer of the local and that the club continues to be a reference within the circuit of live music venues in Madrid.

Siroco continues to bet strongly on the quality of live music, without forgetting at any time the essence of the place in its beginnings and taking advantage of the experience of all these years to grow in versatility and offer always with a very clear idea: what matters to us is quality music and the musicians who make it possible.

Siroco Club

The first floor has witnessed sessions to remember. We host concerts and sessions of all kinds of music, bringing artists and promoters from both the national and international scene, betting on quality music in nightlife.

Siroco Lounge

The space at street level, is not a musical space to use; exhibitions, showcases, acoustic, book presentations, live electronic music sessions, radio programs … are some of the proposals that have been accommodated in this last season.

After the reform of the hall that allowed us to take the possibilities we can offer to the highest level, not only in sound power and basic needs, but in the possibility of altering the spaces we have available depending on the needs of artists and promoters.

The connectivity of Siroco allows any type of interaction of the two main spaces (Club and Lounge), as well as varying the position of sources and receivers of signal, so that from any point we can transmit sound or video, to distribute its reproduction to one or more points of the spaces.
We provide fiber optic internet access at any point of the room, either by cable or wireless connection.

Updated: 11/05/2023

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Permit procedure

Estimated application processing time: 1-3 days

Features and facilities

Electric hook-up.
Possibility of access with vehicles.

Auxiliary spaces available

Production offices.
Dressing rooms (wardrobe / make-up).
Catering area.
Storage area.



C/ San Dimas, 3. 28015 Madrid

Distrito: 07 Chamberí

Images: Siroco / Paco Manzano


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