Silo de Hortaleza

An iconic tower with panoramic views in the district of Hortaleza.

Silo de Hortaleza is a polygonal tower designed by an unknown architect and built in 1928 in Huerta de la Salud Park. It was commissioned by the lawyer Pedro Tobar, who bought the land it stands on -originally owned by the duchy of Frías- at the end of the 19th century.

The plot was converted into an agricultural and industrial complex containing barns, stables, towers and later the silo, which was one of the first reinforced concrete buildings in Spain. In its heyday, the Silo was one of three much-admired historical sites -along with the Barn and Dovecote, both of which were lost in the 1970s- on which storks would perch to announce the arrival of spring to the neighbourhood.

The tower rises imposingly in what is now Huerta de Salud Park, where it has been turned into a venue that hosts exhibitions and cultural events. It also has a reading room and an observation point on the top floor that can hold up to one hundred people.

The building has 7 floors and stands 20 metres tall. The observation point on the top floor offers outstanding views of the entire district of Hortaleza as well as a unique prospect of Cuatro Torres Business Area, Barajas and Madrid’s mountains.

Updated: 24/08/2021

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