Teatro Eslava

Teatro Eslava occupies an area of over 2,000 square meters distributed over four levels. Its renovation was carried out by the prestigious French architect Philippe Starck, who, while preserving the original architectural structure and several key elements of the building’s heritage, such as the moldings and railings, the vaulted ceiling and the wooden medallions, has made important modifications, such as the construction of an acoustic shell inside the theater to provide better soundproofing for the hall.

Located very close to the Puerta del Sol, the theater was born as a theater in 1872. Later, in 1981, it was transformed into a nightclub, becoming one of the nerve centers of the movida madrileña and a fashionable discotheque for many generations until well into the 21st century. After its renovation, it has been equipped with the best audio, video and lighting technology of the latest generation.

Updated: 23/01/2023

Useful information

Conditions and availability

Request a budget without obligation.
Different rates depending on the day of the week, mornings or nights and/or occupancy of the show dinner, concerts and regular clubbing parties.

Permit procedure

They have defined rates for filming.
Estimated processing time of the request: 24h

Features and facilities

Lift truck.
Loading and unloading at restricted hours.

Auxiliary spaces available

Production offices.
Dressing rooms (costumes / makeup).
Area where to install a catering.
Storage area.


Previous filmings

Documental Rafaela Carrá


Laura Durán Carredano

Tfno. 915 75 06 27

Calle Arenal, 11

28013 Madrid

Distrito: 01 Centro


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