Teatro Lara

The Teatro Lara is a historical theatre built in 1880 in the heart of Madrid, in an area known as Malasaña. A scenic space inspired by the late 19th-century French style of theatre, characterised by a façade with four arches with lanterns and an elegant entrance hall and foyer with red cast iron columns.

It has two main rooms. The main room, the Sala Cándido Lara, with a capacity for almost 500 people, still has the old rigging made of wood and pulleys.

The Sala Lola Membrives room is a smaller circular room that can seat 120 people. It is decorated with shades of green and some of its ornaments and columns are quite remarkable. Film crews can access interior rooms that recall days gone by in this hundred-year-old theatre.

Updated: 11/05/2023

Useful information

Conditions and availability

Filming preferred on Mondays.
Filming preferred outside of opening times: mornings
Fees are adjusted to each project.

Features and facilities

Difficult access for vehicles.
Extra spaces are available for production.
They provide a member of the production staff to mediate with the film crew.
Suitable for direct sound.



Violeta Ferrer

Antonio Rincón
+34 915 239 027

Calle Corredera Baja de San Pedro 15,
28004 Madrid

Images: Lucía Romero


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