Túnel desde Avenida Aniceto Alcalá Zamora

An underpass on a ring road and the entrance to the city

This is a double tunnel from the Avenida Aniceto Alcalá Zamora. It is quite short in length, which makes it possible to see both ends from inside the tunnel.

To the south, there is a large roundabout surrounded by blocks of flats, among which the side of the Mirador Building stands out. To the north, the junction that connects the M-40 ring road to the A-1 motorway, on one side, and the R-2 toll road on the other.

Both the roundabout at the southern end and the dirt tracks at the top and along the sides of the bridge facilitate filming.

Updated: 12/04/2019

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Permit procedure

The filming permits to shoot on the streets of the city of Madrid are managed by the Filming Authorization Bureau. For more information on these permits and how to process them, read the How to film in Madrid page.



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Avenida de Aniceto Alcalá Zamora
28050 Madrid

Distrito: 16 Hortaleza

Images: City of Madrid Film Office


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