Wizink Center

Wizink Center is a large-scale venue for events in the centre of Madrid; this is the current name of Madrid’s former Sports Palace, which was rebuilt after a fire and reopened in 2005.

A highly active venue where sporting events, shows, concerts, cultural and corporate events are organised. Its main activity is serving as the venue for numerous basketball competitions (the city’s two main teams, Real Madrid and Estudiantes, both play their home games here), as well as concerts by national and international touring artists.

Covering 4250 square metres, the arena is the largest area of the venue, a versatile space with extendable grandstands that opens up the possibility of varying the configuration of the venue and that is fully fitted with technical equipment. With its different formats and configurations, the WiZink Center arena is the ideal venue for concerts ranging from 3,630 spectators in its The Box format, to 5,630 in its Ring or 8,706 in its Ring Plus format, up to a maximum capacity of 17,453 spectators.

The pavilion has other modern multi-purpose rooms such as the Sport & Rock Room, the Mega Barra Room, the 7-star Room or the Press Room itself. The facilities are completed by the Truss Madrid room, a lounge space that combines the venue’s industrial style with designer furniture and technology.

Updated: 11/05/2023

Useful information

Conditions and availability

Conditions and availability depending on the project.
They do not have defined rates.
Ad hoc budgets.

Features and facilities

Own parking area (with permission from the Town Hall).
Possibility of access with vehicles.
Loading and unloading during restricted hours.
Electric hook-up.
Storage area.
Catering area.
Dressing rooms (wardrobe / make-up).
Production offices.



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Av. Felipe II, s/n,
28009 Madrid

Distrito: 04 Salamanca

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