Nave Industrial Ovisa

Open-plan industrial units close to the airport.

In the district of Barajas, we find two completely empty and interconnecting industrial units that can be used independently or together.

Both units have vehicle access and an open-plan, ground-floor surface area of 675 square meters. The ceilings are 8 metres high and each unit has a 100 square metre mezzanine floor divided into 3-metre high offices.

On the ground floor of each unit there are toilets. One of them has a water supply but no electricity. Another noteworthy feature is the natural light provided by the skylights in the roof and the windows on the mezzanine floor.

Updated: 11/05/2023

Useful information

Features and facilities

Parking spaces at street level for unloading materials.
Storage Area.
Catering available.




Magdalena del Olmo
+34 917 429 698
+34 616 406 071

Calle Castrobarto 5 y 7,
28042 Madrid

Distrito: 21 Barajas

Images: City of Madrid Film Office


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