Naves del Español en Matadero

Naves Matadero is the scenic area of the Matadero Madrid contemporary creation centre. A space that houses the projects of the International Living Arts Centre with a multidisciplinary programme that connects theatre, dance, music, new circus, visual arts, and performance art pieces.

Naves Matadero is structured into ample performing spaces and modern rehearsal rooms with great versatility and an industrial aesthetic. They provide for great flexibility because the seating areas, the stage and the theatre rigging have been designed to allow different configurations. It has a total surface area of 5,900 square metres distributed into:

  • Nave 10. It has a foyer used as an exhibition room, which gives access to the former Sala Max Aub with a capacity for 269 spectators. Also, in this “Nave” is the Sala de Madera (The Wood Room) and the Sala de Hormigón (Concrete Room), where workshops are organised and creation pieces are exhibited. The space is completed with four rehearsal rooms.
  • Nave 11. The former Sala Fernando Arrabal is the biggest room in the space with a capacity for 449 people. It is a multi-purpose room that admits presentations in different formats. Its foyer is also used for artistic interventions.
  • Nave 12. This “Nave” houses the Naves Cafeteria which has is a small stage for performances and projections, and an exhibition space. Nave 11 can be accessed from Nave 12.

Updated: 29/01/2024

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