Multitalented creator with +15 years´experience developing audiovisual content. Highly specialized in a wide range of disciplines: screenwriting, directing and editing. Pioneer in the creation of web series and successful short film director screened and awarded internationally.

Last productions

Year Production title Type Producer Position
2019 The Bridge Shortfilm Topic Screenwriter
2019 ECO Film Videorinth Director
2019 El Cazador Others Mediapro Labs Screenwriter
2016 La Otra Penélope Film Fabud Filmss Screenplay adaptor
2016 Voluntario Exilio Others Ballet Nacional Dominicano Editor
2014 Sofä con Padre Others Videorinth Director
2014 News From The Moon Others Ñu Accents Editing / Post-production
2012 The Third Place Others Videorinth Director
2011 Myriad Others Videorinth Director