Highly skilled and motivated AV comunication graduate and AV technician, with experience in shortfilms and publicity (specially as director, assistant director and editor). Also, experienced photographer and with a theatre background, with experience as director, staging, and acting.

Member of
Director del grupo de Teatro Chamaeleo

Last productions

Year Production title Type Producer Position
2020 Cautivo Shortfilm Director
2019 La memoria del silencio Documentary Editor
2018 El Sembrador Shortfilm Director
2018 Campaña feria Aula para UCM Corporative Video Director
2017 Through the Looking Glass Shortfilm Runner / Set PA
2016 Movie Makers Series Director
2016 The Envelopes Publicity Director
2016 Vendepatrias Videoclip Assistant Director
2015 Cut Records Corporative Video Director of photography / Cinematographer