Director with experience in daily and prime time tv series since 2001 and more than 1000 chapters directed during these years. The experience around the development of fiction projects, both daily and weekly, allows me to know in depth the specific characteristics of different formats, as well as their different production needs

Last productions

Year Production title Type Producer Position
2018 Centro Médico Series Zebra Producciones Director
2015 Brigada de Fenómenos Series La Zanfoña Producciones Director
2012 Arrayán Series Linze TV/Galdo Media Director
2010 Padre Medina Series Kalida Producciones/Cedecom Director
2010 Pónme una nube Series Linze TV/Galdo Media Director
2008 Rocío, casi madre Series Linze TV/Galdo Media Director
2015 El Sastre de Shackleton Shortfilm Acróbata Producciones Director