I´ve been working for cultural televisión for more than 20 years as a videojournalist, director and producer. I do my own camera shootings, interviews, write my scripts, produce and edit my own videos on Final Cut. I´ve done 5 documentaries for tv.

Member of
Soy miembro de la ACPE, Asociación de Corresponsales de Prensa Extranjera.

Last productions

Year Production title Type Producer Position
2009 Yo soy mar y navegante Documentary Siriguaya Producciones Setting director
2005 El Ingenioso Mingote Documentary Siriguaya Producciones Setting director
2012 Reacción 15M Documentary Frontera Producciones Setting director
2020 Exclusiva con Alaska TV Reportage Canal 22 Producer
2009 Reportajes abuela de Obama en Kenia TV Reportage Canal 22 Production
2014 Global: conflicto en el Sáhara TV Reportage Canal 22 Journalist