Arche Estudio

Arche Studio is a film and photo studio located in the Prosperidad neighbourhood of the Chamartín district. It has two film sets with sound equipment:

Studio 1 with a white, 8 x 8 metre infinity curve, is 120 square metres.
Studio 2 with a green, 7 x 5 metre infinity curve, is 100 square metres.

In both studios, the camera space is mid-grey and the walls and ceiling are matt black. There is an entrance for vehicles as well as dressing and make-up rooms.

Updated: 11/05/2023

Useful information

Conditions and availability

Tiempo estimado de gestión de la solicitud: 3 días.
Cuentan con tarifas definidas para rodajes.

Features and facilities

Área donde instalar un catering.
Camerinos (vestuario / maquillaje).
Posibilidad de acceso con vehículos.



Gonzalo Arche
+34 915 199 623

Calle de Canillas 42,
28002 Madrid

Distrito: 05 Chamartín

Images: Arche Estudio


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