Madrid de cine

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With an audiovisual industry that dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, Madrid has been the privileged setting for countless films and television series. From Edgar Neville’s classic cinema and the transgressive work of Pedro Almodóvar, to series as Money Heist, Arde Madrid or Cable Girls, the city of Madrid has been reflected in many of the most important works of our cinema and television.

Many international directors have also found in its streets the ideal location in which to set their stories. Filmmakers of the stature of David Lean, Orson Welles or Jules Dassin filmed in the city during the sixties and seventies, when Spain was one of Hollywood’s favourite sets in Spain and residents could easily bump into stars like Ava Gardner, Charlton Heston, Audrey Hepburn or Sofia Loren strolling through its streets, shopping in its boutiques and having fun in its bars. In more recent decades, filmmakers such as Jim Jarmusch and Peter Greengrass have continued to regard the city as the perfect place for their work.

We invite you to discover the city through the following free downloadable self-guided tours, which will allow you to visit the locations where emblematic films and series were shot.

“Madrid, the TV series capital” Tour

In recent years Madrid has become an international production hub. Some of the series filmed in the city have achieved enormous international recognition thanks to the spread of streaming platforms. This tour offers series lovers a map and information on the most iconic locations of nine of the most successful Spanish series on the national and international scene. An ideal opportunity to relive some of the favorite scenes from your series.

You can download the brochure in pdf in English or in Spanish, or request one printed in the tourist information centers of the city.

“Arde Madrid” Tour

Our city serves as the backdrop to the some of the most famous series of recent years. Anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the Madrid seen in TV series can enjoy this route through the scenarios of Arde Madrid, the original Movistar+ series created by Paco León and Anna R. Costa, which brings to life the adventures of American actress Ava Gardner in the exciting Madrid of the 1950s.

You can download the brochure in pdf format or request one printed in the tourist information centers of the city.

“The Madrid of Pedro Almodóvar” Tour

The city of Madrid might well be considered another of the famous “Almodóvar girls”. Named Adoptive Son of Madrid in 2018, the director has shot almost all of his films in the city, turning some of its nooks and crannies into icons of the Almodovarian universe. Those who want to explore Almodóvar’s Madrid can follow this route through some of the most noteworthy locations in the city centre.

You can download the brochure in pdf in English, in Spanish or in French,  or request one printed in the tourist information centers of the city.