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MADRID DESTINO CULTURA TURISMO Y NEGOCIO (hereinafter, MADRID DESTINO), with CIF (tax identification number) A-84073105 and registered address in Madrid, Calle Conde Duque, 9-11, 2ª planta, 28015 Madrid, makes the Madrid Film Office website available free of charge to all those interested for the purpose of Madrid Film Office general program information, registration, sending proposals for professionals and all other operations associated with the Film Office activity.

The website is mainly for informative purposes and access and use of its content is the exclusive and sole responsibility of users, and implies knowledge and acceptance of the following terms and conditions:


Anyone who has access to and/or makes use of the Madrid Film Office  website becomes a user thereof, and thereafter accepts without reservations the present General Conditions, notwithstanding the Specific Conditions that MADRID DESTINO may establish for registered users.

Where the user is a minor, he/she must receive permission from his/her parents, guardians or legal representatives beforehand. The latter shall be held responsible to all intents and purposes for any action taken by the minors under their charge.


The user undertakes to use the Madrid Film Office website in accordance with current legislation, good faith, public order and generally accepted habits and customs. Likewise, the user undertakes not to use the website for illicit purposes or to the detriment of the rights and/or interests of MADRID DESTINO, the city of Madrid, the Madrid Film Office website, Madrid City Council and/or third parties, and not to cause damages or prevent the normal operation of Madrid Film Office, such as introducing malicious code independently of whether filters are in place that can deactivate it.

For any project or publication, the user undertakes to respect current legislation applicable in the region where they reside, where the website resides and any others where publication of the content may take place, taking sole responsibility for content published, with the obligation of exonerating the website from any damages or other responsibilities that may be incurred due to the user’s actions or negligence.

The user undertakes not to carry out any kind of direct or indirect advertising in favour of any third party except for those permitted by the platform and the project. Any published content must also respect the subject matter and aims of Madrid Film Office.

The user undertakes to store a digital copy of their works and publications, as MADRID DESTINO accepts no responsibility whatsoever for users’ lack of foresight in keeping backup copies.

Users accessing this website are authorised to view all the information and content therein, as well as to download or reproduce such content on their own PCs, as governed by intellectual property legislation and, if applicable, the conditions of any Creative Commons licenses (creativecommons.org) granted.

The use made by users of Madrid Film Office will be under their own sole responsibility, exonerating MADRID DESTINO and/or Madrid City Council in any case from any damages and/or harm that may arise directly or indirectly from the failure to observe these General Conditions on the part of either the user or third parties.

In this sense, MADRID DESTINO reserves the right to deny access and/or use of Madrid Film Office or of any of its content and/or services to any user who may have failed to comply with these General Conditions. MADRID DESTINO will pursue non-compliance of these conditions as well as any improper use of this website, applying any civil and criminal actions that may be applicable by law.


MADRID DESTINO will only be responsible for information contained in the Madrid Film Office website that has been generated by MADRID DESTINO and will not be responsible for opinions posted by users on the forums or any other participation tools that may be developed.

MADRID DESTINO is not under any obligation to accept a request for registration made by a user and can establish temporary criteria, content criteria or criteria of any other nature that it considers appropriate for user registration.

MADRID DESTINO accepts no liability for any damages and/or loss of any kind caused to users or third parties due to:

  • lack of availability, maintenance or effective operation of Madrid Film Office, its services or content;
  • lack of usefulness, authenticity, suitability or validity of Madrid Film Office, its services or content to meet users’ needs or expectations;
  • the existence of a virus or other elements that may cause damage to computer systems, in electronic documents or in the user files on this website or on third-party websites;
  • access by a third party, in violation of the security measures established by MADRID DESTINO, to use Madrid Film Office, its content or services in order to send a virus or to process the data stored by MADRID DESTINO for unauthorised purposes;
  • or, in general, any use of Madrid Film Office, its services and/or content made by the user or a third party in breach of the Conditions of access to and use thereof established by MADRID DESTINO.


The links enabled by MADRID DESTINO for users of Madrid Film Office are intended to provide access to other content and/or services that may be of interest to them, and such links are not controlled or managed by MADRID DESTINO. The inclusion of such content and/or services does not imply any kind of association, merger or participation of MADRID DESTINO with any of the linked entities.

MADRID DESTINO has no prior control over and does not approve or appropriate the content, services, products or any type of information issued by third parties, legal entities or individuals appearing on Madrid Film Office.

Any contractual or extra-contractual relationship which, if applicable, may be made through these links will always be done without the participation of MADRID DESTINO, which will not be liable in any way, either directly or indirectly, for the legality, truthfulness, usefulness, quality or reliability of the content and/or services not directly managed or controlled by MADRID DESTINO, even though they may be accessible via Madrid Film Office.

MADRID DESTINO will only take responsibility for content supplied by third parties in the links published on Madrid Film Office  if it has been made aware of its illegality and has not deactivated the link with due diligence. If the user considers that one of the links published on Madrid Film Office has illicit or improper content, they must notify us at the electronic mail address info@madridfilmoffice.com without this notification involving any obligation whatsoever to remove the link in question.


MADRID DESTINO reserves the right to change, unilaterally and without prior notice, the provision, configuration, design and content of the Madrid Film Office website, either totally or partially, as well as the website conditions of use and access to the services provided.

Likewise, MADRID DESTINO reserves the right to interrupt, temporarily suspend or definitively cancel Madrid Film Office or any of the content and/or services that comprise it, at its sole and entire discretion and without the need for prior warning, given the free and promotional nature of the website for the user.

If the service is no longer provided, an attempt will be made to publish notification of the cessation of the service to enable users to keep a copy of their publications, notwithstanding users’ responsibility to store their own backup copies.


The content that MADRID DESTINO makes available to the user is protected under the necessary intellectual and industrial property rights that the owners have legally granted for the relevant purposes.

Intellectual property content, unless stated otherwise, is licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA. The license can be consulted via the following link: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/es/. However, authors may license their content under any other license, preferably free, in order to guarantee greater dissemination, and are required to indicate this clearly in their own publication or work.

Infringement of intellectual or industrial property rights by users is subject to the demand of the corresponding legal responsibility for any use, other than that permitted, that may involve the violation of these rights.

MADRID DESTINO, in its own right or as assignee, owns all the intellectual and industrial property rights over this website, as well as over the elements contained in it (including images, sounds, audio, video, software and texts; brands or logos, colour combinations, structure and design, choice of material used, computer programs needed for operation, access and use, etc.). The use or reproduction of such elements other than those expressly envisaged in these Conditions is expressly forbidden.

The user undertakes to respect all the intellectual and industrial property rights on this website.  He/she may view the elements on the website and even print them, copy them and save them to his/her computer’s hard drive or to any other physical means provided that they are used solely and exclusively for his/her personal and private purposes. Any transformation, distribution, public disclosure, making available or any other form or exploitation, as well as modification, alteration or decompilation thereof, is therefore strictly prohibited. The user must refrain from deleting, altering, bypassing or manipulating any protection device or security system installed on the Madrid Film Office  website.


This legal notice is governed by Spanish legislation. Any conflicts arising from its interpretation, application and fulfilment will be subject to the Madrid Courts and Tribunals (Spain) and all parties expressly renounce any other jurisdiction that may apply to them.