ATS 2001 Estudios

Filming sets in the southern outskirts of Madrid.

ATS 2001 Estudios is a filming set in Alcorcon that is ideal for filming, live broadcasting and rehearsals. The building has street-level access and is divided into two zones. The ground floor consists of the 21m x 9m x 6,5m filming set, a pre-editing area and toilets; a green screen and a cyclorama are available. The first floor has production offices, three dressing rooms, toilets and a meeting room.

These studios are equipped with the appropriate light and sound infrastructure, allowing any type of production to be carried out: film, theatre, TV, video, photos, castings and presentations. They offer an ample technical crew and human team, and they are able to cover and provide service during all the phases of each project.

Updated: 11/05/2023

Useful information

Conditions and availability

Disponibilidad 24 horas.

Permit procedure

Tiempo estimado de gestión de la solicitud: 1 día.
Cuentan con tarifas definidas para rodajes.

Features and facilities

Posibilidad de acceso con vehículos.
Área de estacionamiento propia.

Auxiliary spaces available

Oficinas de producción.
Camerinos (vestuario / maquillaje).
Área donde instalar un catering.
Zona de almacenamiento.


+34 639 419 982

Calle Geológicas 39,
28923 Madrid

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