Exteriores de bloques de viviendas en calle de Pablo Lafargue

Façades featuring metal structures in a housing estate in La Elipa.

Construction on this housing estate in the neighbourhood of La Elipa, between the current streets Calle de Pablo Lafargue and Calle del Poeta Blas Otero, began in 1959 as an initiative of the Trade Union Housing Works (Obra Sindical del Hogar) organisation.

The homes were constructed in linear blocks of five-storey flats, which were positioned parallel to each other to create pedestrian streets running north-south. The blocks were built with parallel load-bearing walls and two flats per floor which were grouped together symmetrically.

Their singularity arises from the metal structure attached to the façade, which in some cases allows for the inclusion of porches and drying racks and in others for enclosed balconies. It will also allow lift shafts to be added in the future, and all of this can be achieved using the grey fretted metal sheets that are installed both vertically and horizontally, giving the blocks a coherent look.

Updated: 05/03/2024

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Calle Pablo Lafargue, 2-48
28017 Madrid

Distrito: 15 Ciudad Lineal

Images: Ciudad de Madrid Film Office / Javier Bravo


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